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Raccoon Mommy & Babies in the Attic

Raccoon Mother. Her 2 babies were also in this car port so CridX was called in to exclude them from their structure so they could install soffit, which would have trapped this raccoon family inside.This is Mom.  She has 2 babies living in the rafters above this carport.  CridX was called in because the customer is planning to replace the soffits which will block entry.

It is always important to consider situations in which babies could be involved.  If this mother raccoon was blocked from gaining entry to her babies because the owner put up soffit and blocked her entry point, then it is likely that she would have caused considerable damage to get back in to be with her babies.  Without her, the babies would die.

This is why we are so glad that this owner was responsible and called CridX to handle the situation properly.  All of the raccoons (including the babies) need to be moved outside of the structure so they can be together and the home owner can properly secure his structure to prevent further entry.
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