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Wasp nest live in Abbotsford, BC
Wasp nest in a house setting.  Found in Misssion.
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This photo shows the inside of a wasp nest that CridX treated & removed for a customer.
Bald Faced Hornet up close

Very aggressive!  Do not approach the nest during the day without proper protective gear on.

Wasp close up picture
Less aggressive but will sting if threatened or you are close to their nest.  Proper protective gear is needed.

Secluded Wasp Close up with nest
Non aggressive but will  sting if irritated.
Creates mud nests in attics.

Honey Bee close up pictureHONEY BEE
Bee keepers are usually happy to come out and remove the nest.  We'd be happy to help locate a local bee keeper for you.

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CridX treated this wasp nest & then removed the outter layer to expose the inside of a nest.